HS-16A (Automatic Headspace Sampler)

*  Main Points:
1. Fully automatic.
2. User settable purging time.
3. Quick to get temperature set points.
4. LCD display, bi-lingual interfacing (Chinese & English).
5. Self-testing to easily check system faults.
6. Alarming function to display current possible errors.
7. Easy method editing.
8. Works with most Gas Chromatograph.
*  Specifications
Equib temperature: Environ to 240℃ with increment of 1℃
Transmission pipe temp: Environ to 220℃ with increment of 1℃
Temp precision:<±0.1℃
Max Vials: 16
Vial measure: 10ml or 20ml
Producibility: RSD<1.5% (GC related)
Injection Gas Pressure: 0~0.4Mpa