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About Linghua

Shanghai Linghua engineers mainly on Gas Chromatography and its applications. Linghua provides complete package from hardware to services of any kind. Linghua may provide support (but not limited) on:Transformer Oil,Alcohol/Perfume,High-purity gas detect,Volatiles in water and beverages,Blood alcohol test,Solvent Residual in pharmaceutical production,Air quality check,PET test,Package VOC residual in Tobacco & Food production,Petro-Gas components.Linghua also produces products like: Headspace sampler, Auto liquid sampler, Thermal Desorber, Chem-station, Hi-purity N2 generator, Hydrogen generator, Silent Air Pump, Tri-Gas Generator and Gas Purifier. We are also dealer to sell many products from other company including GC capillary columns, LC columns, etc.