HS-42A (Automatic Headspace Sampler)

*  HS-42A is a rugged headspace sampler which enables analysis of volatile compounds.
1. Reducing the cost of maintenance for injector and column.
2. Fully-automatic.
3. Easy to use.
4. Improve laboratory efficiency and productivity.
5. Steady and reliable design.
*   High product quality and new design provides platform and methods to various volatile compounds analysis.
1. Meet modern laboratory needs, pursuit of reliable results.
2. HS-42A fully-automatic headspace is highly qualified for new challenges in daily analysis with excellent performance.
*  Provides the optimum features:
1. 10ml , 20ml vials support.
2. Method to set start and end vial sequence.
3. Agitating while during vial heating.
4. Automation for continuous heating of up to 6 samples.
5. Automatic detection of vacant vials position to reduce sequence error.
*  Provide reliable analysis result and reproducibility.
Six-port valve, sample loop, precise temperature control and whole system heating ensure the high reproducibility and reduce the residual of analysis.
*  Two user interface modes.
1. From 7-inch touch screen embedded with the sampler.
2. Or running headspace APP from PC Windows.
*  Specifications
Temperature range: environ to 220℃ with increment of 1℃
Temp precision: ±0.1℃
Max vials: 42
Equilibrium vials with agitating: 6
Vial type: 10ml, 20ml or custom
Repeatability: RSD ≤1.5% (alcohol and water)
Injection gas pressure: 0 ~ 0.4Mpa (continuously adjustable)